Become A Host

What do we ask of you as a workshop host?

We do all the work and take on all the seminar planning logistics. We only need a few simple things from you to get started:

  • Let us know which topic(s) you want to focus on during your workshop.

  • Tell us which geographic area(s) your ideal prospects come from. This feedback will guide us in finding the right venue and coordinating our digital marketing efforts for your seminar.

  • Let us know if you have a preferred venue in mind.

  • Choose a date(s) to host your workshop(s).

  • Work with your dedicated success coach to prepare for the presentation.

  • Show up on the workshop day and provide a ton of value and education to guests!

Please note: Workshop hosts are prohibited from over-promoting their services or business during the presentation. Our success coaches will work with you on the best way to deliver an amazing presentation, with the goal of providing such great value that guests would like to work with you in the future.